Let‘s Help Compass Baptist Church of Kaohsiung Taiwan Meet Their Deadline to Purchase Property! 

Compass Baptist Church is the first church plant started by missionary family John Walz in Taiwan.  Recently, sellers of property shown have agreed on our asking price and has given us 3 months time to meet the deadline!

Would you prayerful consider helping Compass Baptist towards their goal?

Each month’s financial goal is to raise $39,000 for three months to meet the deadline!

Final Goal ( of $158,000)

$116,000 of $158,000 Raised so far!

Q: What is Taiwan 25?

A: “Taiwan 25” is the name of a long-term goal to see 25 church planters raised up in the city of Kaohsiung Taiwan. A major step toward this goal is helping the first church plant grow in their faith and become financially independent. While they save towards purchasing a piece of property, some are willing to give and help them along.

Q: What will they be able to purchase?

A: Something very basic just to get started. We hope to help them towards indigenous status by donating a portion towards what they need to purchase a piece of land with a modest structure. Their first property will most like include the need to renovate and call on many hands to do the work. They will be able to make their own improvements the Lord prospers them.

Q: What will be the new church’s responsibility?

A: Along with learning the responsibilities of being faithful to the Gospel and God’s word, a baby church needs to learn to give like Jesus gave. As we help them to raise funds, they too are being taught to give and be generous. Helping them financially isn’t teaching them to get free hand-outs, but its helping them towards financial independence. Also, it teaches them by example to give the way others first gave to them, a principle going back to our Savior in that He gave so we could be blessed.


prayicon   Pray

THANK YOU for praying. We know that it is the Lord who must do the building or all would be in vain. We need you to join with us in praying for many people to get involved in this project. You can pray with us to reach each goal en route to the final goal of $250,000 for the first property. Click on this button and leave us a message to let us know that you are praying with us.

givetoken  Give

You could give and help young Christians of Compass Baptist Church purchase their property.  This church is the “mother church” in which young men are being trained for church planting.

  • All gifts are tax-deductible

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